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Supply Chain

Master Distributor

SilTanium Corporation

Website siltanium.com

SilTanium Corporation is the developer and manufacturer of specialty coatings and affiliated chemicals used in the facility restoration business.  SilTanium also operates a service division that handles the application and installation of all of it’s branded products.  SilTanium manages the exclusive distribution of BacShield® for the facilities market.

SilTanium Corporation is the exclusive marketer and seller of BacShield® to the facilities market through distributors and service providers.

STC EPA Registered Facility

  • EPA Registered Establishment #96229
  • EPA Registration to package & distribute
  • EPA Pesticide Producing Facility


HeiQ ChemTex

Website: http://chemtexlaboratories.com

HeiQ ChemTex is the developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the carpet, textiles, paper and petroleum extraction industries.  All BacShield® EPA Registrations, formulas, and manufacturing is a function of HeiQ ChemTex.

For any BacShield® RTU questions, contact:

Dave Bilbro
Email: [email protected]
Cell: (704) 467-3997


Technology Development Partners


Novtech is a research and development company specializing in aerospace, food and facilities patents and products.  All laboratory testing for pathogenic bacteria and virus have been produced by Novtech.  Novtech continues to expand the market applications of BacShield®.

Lloyd Starks (URL- http://www.spacetechforum.com/speakers/lloyd-starks)

Stanley Weller (Resume)

  • Director R&D at Ecolab
  • Director R&D at Zep

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  • US Patent Pending Electrostatic application Chitosan