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Persistent or ON-GOING microbe destruction.  BacShield® RTU tested on coronavirus at MSU to 3-weeks on S. aureus AATCC 6538 (Staph)  and to 4-months on S. aureus AATCC 33592 (MRSA). A large list of other tests performed on pathogenic microbes for 21-days to 35-days and for 12-months on mold and mildew.

Non-Toxic & All-Natural- BacShield® can be sprayed in a mist without Lung Damage (low PPE, very high PEL).   PPE organic respirators are in short supply.  This is a serious differentiation from commonly used disinfectants.  Respirators are not needed with BacShield®.  Post application, waste water supplies are not contaminated.

Available- Raw material to manufacture millions of gallons of BacSheild are available now.  BacShield RTU can cover 6,000- 9,000 ft2 per gallon. 

Sustainable- BacShield® RTU is derived from Polysaccharide contained in Crustacean Shells.  It is the second most prevalent polymer on earth.

Inexpensive- BacShield® RTU costs less than $0.015 square foot. (Companies are charging between $ 0.14 to $ 3.00+ a square foot to spray or hand wipe EPA N List disinfectants)

Ease & Efficacy of Application-  BacShield® RTU can be applied by steamer, electrostatic sprayer or foggers or wipes.  Steam is the recommended method under the Steam & Shield patented process as the dry steam disinfects bacteria and virus and applies the BacShield® RTU in a method that dries fast with a hard coating shell.


S. aureus AATCC 6538 (Staph) Tested to 3-weeks on

S. aureus AATCC 33592 (MRSA) Tested to 4-months & 8-days on

E coli Tested 35-days

S. aureus Tested 35 days

S. Intermedius, MRSA,MRSP, VRE, CRE, CRKP, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Tested content Chitosan active cell destruction

Coronavirus Test

Feline Coronavirus Test Time & Dose Dependent - MSU