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History & Technology

History, Technology, Differentiation

History:  Chitosan technology for anti-microbial properties in fabric originated within the NASA Space Program.  Our research has led us to patented process technology that is comprehensive, non-allergenic, and non-toxic.  The active, anti-microbial agent is Chitosan, used for more than 100-years and widely employed in the food-supplement business and in wound care.  Chitosan is amazingly sustainable as it is a polysaccharide, the second most prevalent polymer on earth.

Chitosan is used by NASA in space garments to inhibit bacteria growth on a persistent basis.   Steris Healthcare has used it for years in their animal health division and currently uses to protect their employees in their offices nationwide.

Technology:  Chitosan also has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, presumably mediated by interaction of the cationic groups on chitosan with negatively charged bacterial surface components inhibiting membrane transfer of nutrients to the cells and/or microbial cell wall destruction resulting in bacterial death.

What Makes Us Different?  SilTanium’s Chitosan, sold under the tradename BacShield®, provides a residual natural antimicrobial film proven effective and containing intrinsic antimicrobial properties.  Tests show Chitosan provides persistent, sustained, residual, anti-microbial effect for up to a year, depending on environmental conditions.  Testing to date shows 6 log kill (99.9999%).  *publicly available lab tests support these claims

The SilTanium market plan is comprised of three value lines; The Shield™, the Steam & Shield process, and the BacShield® anti-microbial persistent film.

The Shield™ is the creation of an awareness icon that will be noted by patrons and will instill confidence in employees and customers that all best practices are implemented to insure a safe environment.  The purpose is for all facility users to have a quick reference point on entry doors and elsewhere that creates a sense of confidence that the facility has taken extraordinary measure to provide a safe environment.  The intent is that The Shield will be widely available and used my many businesses so that the safety recognition will become a standard of confidence throughout the economy.

The Shield™ has three parts that define its value to; the environment, economy and personal health.  The first is a green border that proclaims the environment must be protected by promoting eco-friendly disinfection practices.  The Steam and Shield™ patented process of disinfecting surfaces with dry steam while applying BacShield in a one-step process is a perfect solution for eco-minded patrons.

The second shield portion is the blue center representing the need for a vibrant economy where customers feel safe in spending their time and money.  This means that all best practices for a healthy environment are enforced.

The third is the white cross in the center which represents the health that allows enjoyment of the environment and economy.  The backbone of a sustainably hygienic environment is BacShield®, the antimicrobial film that keeps working night and day by destroying bacteria that land on it while no one is watching

Value line-  The Shield™ to identify a safe location.  Steam and Shield™ to disinfect and protect sustainably in one-step.  BacShield® to insure constant protection.


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