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The US EPA is a critical department of the federal government.  The EPA is dedicated to protect consumers from the sale and use of materials that may be harmful to humans or the environment. The EPA also creates registered guidelines on how products can be described and sold so consumers have the necessary information to make appropriate buying decisions.

HeiQ ChemTex and SilTanium Corporation follow all EPA guidelines and are compliant with all EPA Registration requirements.  The BacShield® EPA Registrations are for mold, fungi and odor causing mildew only.

It is illegal for BacShield® to be labeled, marketed or sold with any claims or statement for its suitability beyond those contained in the EPA Master Label.  EPA Master Labels are provided in their entirety below.  The suitability of the BacShield® product outside of those claims is not permitted.  All questions concerning claims or registrations should be directed to SilTanium Corporation at [email protected].


BacShield® Master Label

BacShield® RTU Master Label

Federal Register EPA Chitosan Safety Claim

EPA Packout and Distribution Facility - SilTanium

EPA Facility #96229