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EPA Pesticide Distribution form 8570-5

Federal Register- EPA Chitosan safe

BacShield® RTU Master Label

BacShield® Master Label

BacShield® RTU SDS

BacShield® Concentrate SDS

SilTanium Registered EPA Facility

Test Results / Studies

Feline Coronavirus Test Time Dependent

Feline Coronavirus Test Time & Dose Dependent - MSU

BacShield Mold & Mildew Tests

Antimicrobial Activity of BacShield®

Critical Tests- Broad Range Bacteria 35 days & concentrations

E. Coli Graph

Patent based Tests MRSA & S. Aureus

ATL (Micro Chem) MRSA

ATL (Micro Chem) S. Aureus

MSU / DoD presentation Broad Range + e. Coli and S. Aureus 35 days

BacShield Primary Inhalation Study

BacShield Primary Eye Irritation Study

BacShield Primary Skin Irritation Study

BacShield Primary Dermal Toxicity Study

BacShield Primary Oral Toxicity Study

Measuring Results - Restaurant Meter Test

Dry Steam Disinfect Contact Times

Application and Installation

Process Installation Instructions for Steam and Shield and BacShield

Cleaning Process Guidelines- Surface, Air, Measure


Chitosan photo on fabric

Chitosan magnifies Photos on substrates

Steam and Shield Sell Sheet

The Time for BacShield® Has Arrived

The Time for Steam and Shield™ Has Arrived

NASA Chitosan Use

Resume - S Weller

Technology - The Steam and Shield Process