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Application Information


BacShield® can be installed utilizing most liquid application equipment.  The preferred method is to utilize the Steam and Shield patented process as it is a one-step process to disinfect with Dry Steam and apply BacShield® to prevent bacterial growth. 

When a situation arises where there is a large area to treat like a sports stadium, where a low percentage of items may need to be disinfected with dry steam, but significant area is to be broadly treated with BacShield®, labor costs it may be improved by disinfecting with several dry steamers and broad application of BacShield® with an industrial fogger.

When there are hard to reach surfaces, an electrostatic sprayer may be the best option.

BacShield® can also be wiped on but it may slow the film formation dry time.

Application Methods

Dry Steam

Steam & Shield Process to Disinfect & Protect

Steam & Shield Brochure

Steam Disinfect Contact Times

Peer Reviewed Studies and Efficacy



Process Installation Instructions

Process Installation Instructions for Steam & Shield and BacShield